New Year’s Adventure – Dray mountain tour 30.12. 2017 – 01.01.2018. Via Serbia


EVENT DATE:30.12.2017 -01.01.2018

Suva planina/Dray mountain, a jewel of southeastern Serbia, which captivates with its magic and beauty, belongs to the most beautiful and most picturesque mountains of our country. It belongs to the southwestern part of the Carpathian-Balkan mountain system and exceptional inaccessibility on the north side, make it one of the fiercest mountains in the Balkans, which is why Jovan Cvijić used to call it “Alps in the South of Serbia”
Suva planina has been declared an area with the status of a nature reserve and the object of the geographic region of Serbia because it has a rich and diverse ecosystem and richness of forests, and it represents a habitat of 1300 plant species, which makes about half of the total flora of Serbia. The climb to the highest peak of Suva planina, Trem, 1810 meters high, is one of the most beautiful and most challenging in Serbia. In addition to the Trem, very attractive peaks are certainly Sokolov rock and Mosor from which also provides a fantastic view of the whole mountain and the surrounding area.

If you want to step into the New Year climbing one of the most beautiful peaks of Serbia, and to accompany the old 2017 year together in the “Serbian Alps” in a natural setting, join us on this unique New Year’s tour.


Saturday, 30.12.
07 pm: Departure from the train station, in the blue locomotive, arrival 15 minutes earlier to get started on time.
Driving highway with road breaks over Nis, where we turn off for Niska Banja and continue to Jelašnička gorge.
11 am: Arrival to Jelašnica. Walk through the Jelasnica gorge, a cliff for climbers and mountaineers. We go on trek for only a few kilometers, but all the time we lead the steep edge of the gorge, accompanied by numerous viewpoints all the way to the openings in the wall, the so-called “Window” and carved stone troughs for which the traditions say that there was a basin of the Roman Emperor Constantine. A good opportunity to get to know the peaks and to spread the ridge of Suva planina, explain the planned routes in the next few days.
01:30 pm: After completing a walk through the Jelasnica gorge, a short drive to the nearby village of Sićevo follows, a break on the rocky viewing point from which an incredible view opens onto the Sičevac gorge. Going through the village that was once famous for wine growing and grape production.
02 pm: A short drive to the village of Malča and a continuation of the story of the famous winemakers of this region, a visit to the wine cellar and wine cellar with a tradition of more than 110 years. Tour of the winery complex with a museum setting and tasting of several different types of wine.
04 pm: Lunch break in the famous Ethno Tavern near Brka in Jelasnica. In addition to being a kind of museum, the tavern is famous for its delicious and authentic food and affordable prices. Dropping, getting acquainted and adding impressions. (Possibility of extended stay in the coffee shop to the frontier)
07 pm: Accommodation in a ski house on Bojan’s waters, introduction to the program and introduction to the tours that await us in the coming days.

Sunday, 31.12.
07 pm: Wake up, breakfast and personal hygiene.
08 pm: Departure to the peak Mosor. The path leads uphill through the forest to the ridge below the top. We climb to the top, we make a short break and continue with the wooded path to the very walls to Sokol’s stone with a beautiful view of the Niš and Zaplanjska ravine. This part of the track is the most picturesque, but also the most demanding.
11 am: Coming to the top of Sokolov rock(1523 m), where we take a break for a short break, snack, taking pictures and enjoying the view.
11: 15 am: We descend to the passage of the Devil’s grave (1311 m) and further to the starting point (Bojana’s water)
03 pm: Arrival to Bojana’s water.
The trail is circular, about 16 km long with a total climb / descent about 1000 m and a moderate walk with breaks passes in about 7.5 hours.
04 pm: Hanging in mountain house and your free time.
08 pm: Dinner and celebration of New Year’s Eve.

* New Year’s thematic party – Maskenbal (the most original mask / costume, expecting a symbolic award) 🙂

Monday, January 1, 2018.
07 pm: Wake up, breakfast and personal hygiene.
08 pm: Depart to the rise of Bojanina’s water (850 m), uphill marked path. At the very beginning of the forest path there is a source that is the last and only on this road. We walk slowly through the forest with a relatively middle inclination, which is growing as we approach the passing of the Devil’s grave. Here we will take a break and continue to the top that seems to be at your fingertips 🙂
12 am: After four hours of climbing, we conquer Trem (1810 m), where we take a break for a short break, snack, taking pictures and enjoying the view. Return to the same path to Bojan’s waters. The total length of the track is 15 kilometers with a height difference of 950 m, the same as the total rise / descent and a moderate walk with breaks passes in about 7 hours.
03 pm: Arrival to Bojana’s water. Short break, packing of things and departure to Niska Banja.
04 pm: Dolzak in Niska Banja, where after a good walk, we have the opportunity to reward our muscles by going to the swimming pool with tremal water at the Radon Hotel or having a choice of stay in the hotel restaurant.
06: 30 pm: Departure to Belgrade. Expected arrival time is around 22:00.

EQUIPMENT: hiking boots, big rucksack, small rucksack with food and water for hiking, rods, wind protection, rain and possible snow, battery (preferably front) lamp with spare batteries, gloves, layered weather-compensated clothing, as well as bathing for spa.

PRICE: 70 euros (minibus, 20 persons)
The price includes:
– transport,
– nights with breakfast in the accommodation,
– breakfast (Saturday and Sunday)
– Visiting a winemaker and tasting a wine type
– accommodation and food for the driver
– organizational costs and leadership

The price does not include:
– other meals,
– tasting of 4 different types of wines in the winery (400 din),
– ticket for the pool,
– individual costs

DEADLINE: December 20

The action is realized by Aleksandra Cvetkovic and Filip Sulovic

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