Follow the trend and be IN in the new year 2018

Delicate feathers, silver mirror surface and cheerful colors are responsible for good mood, and knitted things, plush and fur for warmth and comfort.

We have carefully chosen the trends that we will follow in the new 2018 year. We are confident that in our rich selection of numerous design proposals for 2018, you will find a style that suits you. Coordinate your nature with upcoming fashion trends.

1. Colored fur

In the end of last year’s trend, you will be pleased that your colorful jacket will not end in the wardrobe this fall / winter 2018 season. Fur coated, right or artificial is fashionable!

2. Puffy jackets and coats

The perfect combination of practical, warm and trendy winter!

3. Pelerine

If you do not have one in your wardrobe, you can freely give in and get yourself a joyful plush pelerine like the Robin Hood.

4. Knitted things

Nothing makes us so warm as a warm knit sweater. The trend that never goes into oblivion only changes patterns and nuances, and these winter are worn: “braids”, “pom-poms” and “grandmothers” cardigans.

5. Silver color

Silver jackets and coats will connect you with the universe this winter and make you look very attractive in this cold and inaccessible space.

6. Vibrant colors

For a cheerful winter without depression, next to a colored fur, you also need to select a piece with cheerful “vitamin” color.

The meaningful combination of bright colors will look great even in the summer days.

7. Pastel colors

For those who do not feel the most pleasant in bright colors, fashion designers have made every effort and they have dressed us in the spring / summer 2018 with pastel and gentle colors that we will be happy to wear.

Gentle yellow and orange are the perfect colors for the summer days, and in the next year will be especially popular. In their cruise collections for 2018, they propose Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Edun and many other brands.

8. Pink colors

For all ladies who still feel like girls and a big pink fan, they will be dressed in the spring of 2018 with pink from head to toe.

9. Blue and black

Only for ladies who can express this perfect mystical combination with their elegance. A very elegant and refined combination of dark blue and black.

10. Monochrome combination

Whether you decide to wear a long dress in one color or a dress shirt, suit, or some other sweatshirt – you’ll be trendy even if you wear one color from head to toe. What they showed us and cruise the collections of Stella McCartney and Valentine.

We will special mentioned,  that this fall / winter 2018 season red will be particularly popular, so you will not be mistaken if all of you and even your shoes are in red color.

11. Lace

This season, a lace have great come back. Always special and very feminine, lace is a good choice if you want to all eyes on you. In addition, a beautiful lace blouse will embellish any combination, even when it comes to jeans.

12. Flannel

The style inherent to the British has now dominated the world. Ideal combination for a rainy business day.

13. Leopard

If you know how to combine the leopard design with style you will always be in a trend.

14. Exotic print – floral and ethnic patterns

 Next year, it will be printed tropical flowers, but also motifs from fauna of tropical regions. Next year, Erdem, Michael Kors and many other fashion houses propose him.

We are proud to carry clothes with our ethno motives because it is now a trend in the whole world.

15. Print with animals

You can freely put the image of your favorite animal on your shirt or buy a dress with her print and you will be a complete hit in 2018.

16. Vertical stripes

Although this season we are carrying all possible combinations of stripes, the next season will still be the most popular the vertical ones. We will wear them on skirts, dresses and even jackets and men’s and women’s suits.

17. Black and white dots

The dots are in fashion again. This will certainly be a joyous and colorful winter because the world’s most renowned designers have taken care of it!

18. Texas

Traper is experiencing its peak and is worn in all shapes and sizes, and next year will be especially popular. They will wear jeans with scarfs of untamed denim socks, and this trend is advocated by Chloé, Karen Walker and many other brands.

19. Matrix

All skin lovers can breathe, as this season will be trendy. How we heard that a new sequel of the Matrix movie will be recorded we find the excuse to get out of the closet our favorite leather trousers and complete them with the latest leather coat and leather shoes and fully  dominate of the city streets.

20. Plush

Judging by the collections of the world’s top fashion designers, plush in all colors and patterns will mark the season ahead of us.

It is a material that gives the glamor  note to our look, and it is perfectly combined with almost all other materials: leather, jeans, silk …

21. Sweatsuit

The trend that has survived for several seasons and which we will certainly follow in the new 2018 year. Probably retained popularity because people are dear and friendly to this extent and have the excuse to appear in the sweatsuit even at work. Especially popular will be sweatsuit with longitudinal line on the side, as well as sports jackets, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

22. Boy style

For all girls, the women who are most comfortable feel when they are training large man s clothing. Wide shirts, fleece sweatshirts, wide trousers, wide coats are something that will also be in the trend this fall / winter 2018 season.

23. In the wild west style

Perhaps not coexistent with our spaces, but certainly a style about which we will talk much in 2018.

24. High waist pants and skirts

Whether you enjoy wearing a skinny jeans, a retro safari trouser, or you’ve decided to wear a romantic boho this summer – your pants must have a high waist! High-waist pants and trousers are to be invested, given their resistance to transient trends, the ease of combining, and the potential to make each figure visibly more slim.

25. Bell bottom

It will retain its popularity for the next 2018 year. Numerous brands have put them in their collection and they are, you will agree with us, ideal for all occasions from daily, business combinations to formal gatherings or evening outings.

26. Unusual cuts, patterns and accessories

Certainly, in the new year of 2018, you will not make a mistake if you decide on an unusual dress, a dress for an asymmetrical cut, for details that make your style striking. A colorful scarf on your head, a colorful belt around your waist, an unusual shape purse … are just some of the things that can all come to your mind and make your day interesting. Relax in your imagination and allow yourself to be different at least one day a week.

27. Feathers

Feathers will be an integral part of any clothing this winter. The feather is desirable as an addition to bags and coats, shoes, jackets and dresses. In trendy things are completely woven from marabou feathers or in the form of jewelry – necklaces, pendants and earrings

28. Tassels

It will not be out for a long time

29. Buttons everywhere

This year, the pertle has been replaced by buttons. By Adeam, we can put buttons on short skirts, side-by-side on coats and dresses seen with Sies Marjan and Christopher Kane, creating symmetrical lines on pants of Jonathan Simkhai, or just plain, adding some decorative love as we can see with Rosie Assoulin and John Galliano . The buttons are everywhere, and the excitement is that it is a new trend for the fall / winter in 2018.

30. Shoulders

The big fashion door returns to us the forgotten trend of 80. This time, designers have made their contribution not to be ashamed of clothes with shoulders and to become an integral part of your private collection.

31. Ruffs

The costumes on skirts, dresses and shirts as an interesting detail in their clothes from the cruise collection were “plugged” by Preen, Missoni and many others.

32. Logomania

In the new year 2018, the trend of clothing with the logo of the designer will prevail. If you do not already have a piece of clothing with your favorite designer’s logo, it’s time to get it. From a t – shirt, blouse, sweatshirt, jackets, one will have to be with logo.

33. Elegant décolleté

Unlock only one button more on your white shirt and you will be completely trendy. Such shirts are a wonderful choice for spring / summer 2018 and can look very elegant and sophisticated.

34. Naked shoulders

If you do not like to be too dressed in the winter days and it’s not cold for you, this is a style for you.

35. Long sleeves

Transparent blouses and long-sleeved dresses will make the season spring / summer 2018. The material that will dominated polyester and silk.

36. Stretched waist belt

Femininity is always fashionable and this time it is highlighted on the fashion scene through a clearly shaped silhouette and a prominent female waist. Feel free to dedicate your time in choosing a belt of shapes, patterns, colors in your taste, you will definitely not make mistakes because everything is fashionable

37. Leggings

Stunning socks, especially leggings, will be a great trend next year. Prada suggests white in uniforms of school uniforms, Antonio Marras colorful with stripes stretching in various directions, while Thom Browne encourages fashion fans to boldly take different socks next year

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